Embraer closes second conversion agreement for freighter E-Jets

Undisclosed customer will convert 10 aircraft from its fleet to the P2F standard with deliveries starting in 2024

Embraer obtained the second agreement for the conversion of E-Jet passenger jets to the E190F/E195F cargo standard.

The undisclosed customer will make 10 of its E-Jets available for P2F (Passenger to Freighter) conversion, with deliveries expected to take place from 2024.

According to Embraer, this is the first firm order for the conversion since the leasing company Nordic Aviation Capital (NAC), the launch customer of the program, has not yet signed the contract to convert ten of its E-Jets.

The P2F program was launched by the Brazilian manufacturer in March after months of study. The plan is to take advantage of the growing demand for air cargo with an aircraft with twice the capacity of turboprops and three times the range and cost 30% less than converted jets like the 737 or A320.

Among the planned changes are the installation of a main front cargo door, cargo handling system, floor reinforcement, rigid cargo barrier, 9G barrier with access door; cargo smoke detection system and changes to the air management system (cooling, pressurization, among others), in addition to the removal of interior and provisions for transporting hazardous materials.

Conversion is offered for the E190 (E190F), with a payload of up to 13,150 kg, and the E195 (E195F), with a payload of up to 14,300 kg.

Embraer expects to make the change in about 700 of the family’s more than 1,600 aircraft in operation worldwide.

NAC will convert 10 E-Jets to freighter (Embraer)


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