Embraer and NAC sign contract for 10 E190F and E195F jets

Conversion of the aircraft had been announced in May, but was still waiting for an agreement to be signed. First jets will be delivered in 2024

Embraer and the lessor NAC (Nordic Aviation Capital) signed a contract for the conversion of 10 E-Jets to the E190F/E195F cargo standard.

The agreement between them had already been announced in May, but only now the two companies closed the firm order for the conversion. Despite this, it was just a formality, as NAC had already negotiated the lease of two of its E190Fs with Astral Aviation, from Kenya.

The P2F (“passenger to freight” in English) program was announced in March of this year by Embraer, after a long expectation. With around 1,700 E-Jet family aircraft already delivered, the conversion to cargo of some of these planes was expected.

Embraer, however, only considered it viable to convert the two larger versions, E190 and E195, leaving the numerous E175 and the pioneer E170 aside, possibly due to low capacity.

E190F and E195F freighters

The E190F will be able to carry up to 13,150 kg and the E195F, up to 14,300 kg maximum payload. In e-commerce transport, whose density is lower, the two planes will be able to handle a payload of 10,700 kg (E190F) and 12,300 kg (E195F).

The conversion work will be carried out at Embraer’s facilities in Brazil. Among the necessary changes are the installation of a main front cargo door, cargo handling system, rigid cargo barrier, cargo smoke detection system.

In addition, the E-Jets will receive changes to the air management system, interior removal, provisions for hauling hazardous materials, and floor reinforcement.


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