Embraer advanced turboprop expected to be launched in mid-2023

Embraer Commercial Aviation Chief Executive Arjan Meijer revealed forecast at a conference in Ireland. Aircraft manufacturing may have Indian companies as partners

Embraer is close to the moment of decision regarding the launch of its new passenger turboprop. A project developed since 2017, the new aircraft for up to 100 seats could be officially presented in mid-2023, Arjan Meijer, Embraer Commercial Aviation Chief Executive, told Reuters.

The executive participates in the Airline Economics conference held in Dublin, Ireland. “That’s going to be a big decision we have to make. For the launch we are looking at mid-2023,” said Meijer.

The turboprop, which will share components and parts with the successful E-Jets, is expected to hit the market between 2027 and 2028.

To make the project viable, Embraer is talking to potential partners, including several Indian groups, said the Chief Executive, but without detailing which companies they are.

Embraer’s turboprop rendering (Embraer)

India had already shown interest in taking an equity stake in the Brazilian planemaker after the failed merger with Boeing – Embraer, however, made clear its decision not to relinquish control of its operation.

Another key aspect in the design of the advanced design turboprop will be the engine. Because of this, Embraer has already consulted several manufacturers in order to study a more efficient and sustainable propulsion system.

According to Reuters, the Brazilian company should make a decision on the matter by the end of the year.


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