D328eco turboprop

Dornier D328eco turboprop will have front fuselage supplied by Embraer partner

Deutsche Aircraft selected the Brazilian company Akaer to manufacture the front structure of the 40-seat regional aircraft. First delivery will take place at the end of 2025

Deutsche Aircraft announced the choice of Brazilian company Akaer to supply the front fuselage of the D328eco, a 40-passenger commercial aircraft expected to enter service in 2026.

Founded 32 years ago, Akaer has been a partner in important Embraer programs with the C-390 Millennium in addition to participating in Turkey’s Hürjet programs and the Gripen E fighter supplied to the Brazilian Air Force.

According to Deustche Aircraft, the agreement provides for the mass production of the front fuselage, including industrialization, tooling, prototype and related studies. The first forward fuselage is expected to be delivered at the end of 2025.

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Deutsche Aircraft and Akaer agreement (Deutsche Aircraft)

“The D328eco signifies a major milestone in global aviation, heralding more sustainable and efficient flights. For Akaer, being a part of this significant project and playing a fundamental role in producing the forward fuselage is a source of great pride, further solidifying our position as a Tier 1 company,” stated Cesar Silva, CEO of Akaer.

“The commitment and experience showcased by Akaer throughout this process was pivotal in our decision-making, Akaer is one of the key players in the Brazilian Aerospace industry which is why we are excited to collaborate on this project for the front fuselage which is a milestone in the D328eco program,” emphasised Dave Jackson, CEO of Deutsche Aircraft.

Companion avionics suite (Deutsche Aircraft)

Dornier 328 turboprop upgrade

The D328eco is a high-wing turboprop that will be equipped with Pratt & Whitney PW127 engines that will be capable of flying at 100% SAF.

The aircraft is derived from the Dornier 328, a regional plane launched in the 90s and which also had a variant equipped with turbofans. A group of businessmen acquired the industrial rights to relaunch it on the market with a more sustainable proposal.

The D328eco is larger than the Dornier 328, being able to carry ten more passengers thanks to the elongated fuselage


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