Emtrasur Cargo Boeing 747-300

Diplomatic Crisis: Venezuela Closes Airspace to Argentine Flights After Seizure of Boeing 747

Emtrasur’s 747-300 cargo aircraft had landed in Buenos Aires in June 2022 and was detained at the request of the United States. In February, jet flew to the country where it was destroyed

A diplomatic crisis of significant proportions is unfolding between Venezuela and Argentina, triggered by the confiscation of a cargo plane belonging to the state-owned company Emtrasur. The Boeing 747-300 was seized in June 2022 amid a dispute involving United States sanctions, resulting in a ban on Argentine planes flying over Venezuelan airspace.

The retaliatory measure impacts not only commercial flights, but also private flights and popular tourist destinations that fly over Venezuela towards the Caribbean and the United States.

The decision by Nicolás Maduro’s dictatorship to close airspace to flights from Argentina comes in response to what the Venezuelan government describes as a “brazen theft” of the Emtrasur plane. This action reflects an escalation in tensions between the two countries, with Argentina promising a response to the measures adopted by Caracas.

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Casa Rosada spokesman Manuel Adorni declared that Argentina is initiating diplomatic actions against the Venezuelan government. However, Venezuela appears determined to maintain its position, labeling the Argentine government “neo-Nazi” and asserting its sovereignty over national airspace.

The Boeing 747-300 when was flying with Mahan Air (Javidfa)

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Yvan Gil highlighted the action as a demonstration of full sovereignty and warned that no aircraft from Argentina will be authorized to fly over Venezuelan territory until the company Emtrasur is duly compensated for the damage caused.

Seizure and dismantling of Iranian Boeing 747

This crisis originated with the confiscation of Emtrasur’s Boeing 747, which was sent to the United States after being detained at Ezeiza International Airport, in Buenos Aires. The United States claimed that the sale of the aircraft, manufactured in the country, violated sanctions imposed on Iran and the airline Mahan Air, accused of supporting terrorist activities.

According to the US government, the carrier is used to transport weapons and contraband to the country and its allies. After landing in Miami in February, the 747-300 was dismantled by authorities.



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