Chinese jetliner C919 has second example delivered

Aircraft registration B-919C was received by China Eastern Airlines and is expected to enter service in August

Seven months after taking delivery of the world’s first C919, China Eastern Airlines added a second of China’s most advanced commercial jet aircraft on Friday, June 14, its manufacturer, COMAC, said.

Developed as a domestically alternative to the A320 and 737, the C919 is known as the “Chinese Airbus”, due to its resemblance to the most successful commercial jet in history.

The second C919 received registration B-919C and was delivered to China Eastern at the COMAC facility in Zhuqiao, adjacent to Shanghai Pudong Airport. It is expected to enter service in August, according to local media.

According to the manufacturer, the aircraft was completed in February and made its maiden flight in May. COMAC even applied the paintwork of its test jets to the C919, which flew under registration B-001K before being registered B-919C.

China Eastern expects to start revenue flights with its new C919 in August (CTGN)

Production set to grow in the coming years

China Eastern Airlines has a initial order for the C919 for five aircraft and has served as a ‘laboratory’ for COMAC to improve processes, equipment and systems for the single-aisle twin-engine aircraft.

Production of the 164-seat jet is expected to gradually pick up pace as reliability and availability reach higher levels.

C919 main cabin (Weibo)

COMAC will have to meet a huge demand for the C919, which should be operated by major Chinese airlines in the coming years.

Last week, Suparna Airlines, part of the HNA Group, closed a lease for 30 C919s that will be supplied by the lessor SPDB Financial Leasing.

It is estimated that more than a thousand aircraft should be produced just to supply the Chinese market. For now, the C919 is not certified to fly outside the country.


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