China Southern Airlines claims to have received the 1000th Boeing 787

Delivery of the 1,000th Dreamliner has been the subject of speculation and unconfirmed information. Milestone occurs almost ten years after widebody goes into service

Boeing delivered the 1000th 787 Dreamliner, but has not yet stated which customer was awarded the symbolic aircraft. Despite this, China Southern Airlines announced on Twitter that it was the customer who received it.

“Welcome 787-9 aircraft #Dreamliner arrived in Guangzhou and officially joined the China Southern Airlines fleet. It is also the 1,000th 787 delivered by @BoeingAirplanes,” said the Chinese carrier on Monday.

In fact, the aircraft (B-20EH registration) belongs to lessor Air Lease Corporation, which leased it to China Southern. The jet appears as delivered on April 22, according to Planespotters, and shows no mention of the 1000th 787 mark.

According to the airline, the 787-9 flew from Charleston (South Carolina) to Guangzhou days ago.

1000th 787

The 1000th Boeing 787 produced should have been delivered to Singapore Airlines in 2020, as the planemaker itself announced in April last year.

The aircraft, a 787-10 9V-SCP registration, received a “1000th 787 Dreamliner” sticker applied to the fuselage, but due to the pandemic, Boeing has so far not delivered it to Singapore.

The China Southern 787-9 was delivered the day after Japan Air Lines received a Dreamliner as well, it is unclear which one would be the 1000th aircraft.

Even though it was marked by China Southern in its tweet, Boeing had yet to speak out on Tuesday. The 787 Dreamliner entered in service in October 2011 with All Nippon Airways.

Editor’s note: The article erroneously stated that Singapore Airlines should have the 1000th 787 delivered. The carrier, however, owns the thousandth Dreamliner produced.


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