China develops two stealth attack aircraft, says DIA

According to the Defense Intelligence Agency’s report, Chinese will have a bomber and also a fifth-generation fighter-bomber in the next decade

The excerpt is short but says a lot. According to a new report from the US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), China is developing not one but two new stealth attack planes that will debut until 2025. The new fact is that, in addition to a heavy stealth bomber, the Chinese also plan to have a lighter, but stealth fighter-bomber.

The information coincides with an image of a plane with this profile that had appeared in a Chinese magazine a few years ago and featured a design that blended stealth characteristics such as air intakes in the upper fuselage and concealed engine nozzles, but also stabilizers separate from wings.

This new airplane is commonly referred to as JH-XX while the bomber, which many believe will be called the H-20, would be about to be revealed. It will take the form of a flying wing, such as Northrop Grumman’s B-2.

According to the DIA document, “Stealth technology continues to play a key role in the development of these new bombers, which will probably reach initial operational capability in the early 2025s. These new bombers will have additional capabilities, with full-spectrum upgrades compared with current operational bomber fleets, and will employ many fifth-generation fighter technologies in their design. ”

Today the PLAAF (China Air Force) is the largest on its continent and the third largest in the world, only behind the USAF and the Russian Air Force.

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