Cessna Caravan crashed after taking off from airport in the Amazon region

The aircraft belonged to the air taxi company and would fly from the city of Rio Branco. The 12 occupants perished

A Cessna 208B Caravan turboprop crashed after taking off from Rio Branco Airport in the Brazilian Amazon early Sunday morning.

The aircraft belonged to ART Táxi Aéreo and had ten passengers on board, including an infant, in addition to the two pilots. There were no survivors.

The Caravan was destined for the city of Envira, in Amazonas, but collided with a forested area shortly after takeoff.

The turboprop had been in service since 1993 and was acquired by ART in 2014. The aircraft’s licenses were up to date, according to ANAC, Brazil’s civil aviation agency.

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The two cities are separated by 360 km in a region that lacks good roads, which makes air transport essential.

According to authorities, the causes of the accident will be investigated.