British carrier Global Airlines acquires three more Airbus A380s

Startup intends to debut services between London and New York in April 2024 and already has four of the largest passenger jets in the world

Plans for Global Airlines, a new airline founded in the United Kingdom, continue to move forward with yet another important milestone. The carrier created by entrepreneur James Asquith has just announced the acquisition of three more Airbus A380s.

Global had already closed the purchase of an A380 that flew with Singapore and HiFly and is stored in Tarbes, in the south of France. With the four double-decker jets, the new carrier now has a fleet sufficient to start its flights from April 2024.

Although it still needs to obtain the Air Operator Certificate (OAC) and conquer slots to establish its flight network, Global Airlines has already revealed its first route, between London and New York.

It is not by chance that the air link between the two major global cities is not usually made with the A380, despite the great demand.

British Airways, which has the A380 in its fleet, prefers to offer the Boeing 777 between Heathrow and Gatwick airports, in London, and John F. Kennedy and Newark, in New York.

Global Airlines first route: London-NY (GA)

The airline did not clarify the origin of the three A380s acquired, but there is no shortage of aircraft available as the largest passenger plane in the world has undergone decommissioning by several carriers.

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The option for the A380 is emphasized by Asquith, who highlights in his Twitter profile that he has a citation in the Guinness World Records for the mark of 196 countries visited when he was only 24 years old.

“Why the a380? As a passenger it’s by far the best product for passengers”, he said. Indeed, having traveled so much, he must know what he is talking about.


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