Concorde G-BOAD again in the air

British Airways Concorde ‘flies’ again in the US

Aircraft that is part of the Intrepid Museum collection was lifted onto a barge after undergoing restoration

A Concorde returned to ‘floating’ in the air on March 13 in the United States but, to some disappointment, it was not a real flight.

The aircraft, which operated with British Airways under the registration G-BOAD and after its retirement was donated to the Intrepid Museum in New York, has undergone a restoration process in recent months.

The work that includes reapplication of the British airline’s livery was completed days ago and this week the supersonic jet was lifted by a crane onto a barge on the Hudson River, to be taken back to Pier 86.

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A large crane hoisted the Concorde onto the barge (Intrepid Museum)

On Thursday, the Concorde was returned to its place next to the aircraft carrier Intrepid, converted into a museum.

According to the museum’s organizers, tours aboard the Concorde G-BOAD will take place again from April 4th.

Singapore Airlines livery

The Concorde 210 was manufactured in 1976 and delivered to British Airways, which had the largest supersonic fleet.

The Concorde passes in front of the Statue of Liberty (Intrepid Museum)

The G-BOAD was the only aircraft of its type to receive a livery other than that of the UK carrier or Air France. In 1979, the aircraft was painted on one side in Singapore Airlines colors as part of a partnership.

In 2002, the jet participated in Queen Elizabeth II’s Jubilee celebrations. The following year, on November 10, 2003, Concorde 210 made its final flight between Heathrow and John F. Kennedy Airport in New York, to be delivered to the museum.



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