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Brazilian carrier Gol uses “5th freedom” to fly between Bogotá and Buenos Aires

The airline, which is part of the group that controls Avianca, also launched a flight between São Paulo and the capital of Colombia

Gol Linhas Aéreas began on Sunday an ambitious step in its strategy to reverse a critical financial situation. The Brazilian airline once again connected São Paulo, in Brazil, to Bogotá, in Colombia, after almost 13 years.

Flights G3 8240 and G3 8240 will be operated four times a week until July when they will become daily. The second largest airport in South America, El Dorado is also an opportunity for the company’s passengers to continue their journey on connecting flights to nearby regions or even to other continents.

But the return to Bogotá will also be a first, the flight between the Colombian capital and Buenos Aires, Argentina. The route between the two countries takes advantage of the “5th freedom”, a mechanism that allows foreign airlines to transport passengers between destinations that do not include their country of origin.

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Inauguration ceremony of the Gol flight between São Paulo and Bogota
Inauguration ceremony of the Gol flight between São Paulo and Bogota

The Bogotá-Buenos Aires route will also be operated four times a week starting this Monday, April 1st.

Therefore, Gol will have direct flights between São Paulo, Bogotá and Buenos Aires, cities that are among those with the highest passenger movement in South America.

Partners Avianca and Aerolíneas Argentinas

“With the opening of the Gol base in Bogotá, we now serve 12 destinations abroad, strengthening the company’s international expansion and consolidation process,” said Celso Ferrer, CEO of the airline, during the flight’s inauguration ceremony.

The high domestic and international connectivity in Bogotá offers passengers many possibilities for short or long distance travel, with the speed and safety offered to those who fly with Gol to the Colombian capital.”

El Dorado Airport, in Bogota
El Dorado Airport, in Bogota (Aerocivil)

The new flights will be operated exclusively with Boeing 737 MAX 8 jets configured with 176 seats and which have a greater range than the 737-800NG also present in its fleet.

Gol is part of the ABRA Group, which brings together the controllers of the airline and Avianca, from Colombia. Furthermore, Aerolíneas Argentinas is a partner of both, strengthening operations in the region.

Gol’s international expansion is an attempt to open new markets and increase revenue as the company tries to renegotiate its debts amid Chapter 11, a financial restructuring process opened in the United States on January 25.


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