Brazilian Air Force KC-30 performs first operational mission

Airbus A330-200 aircraft was used to transport military personnel and cargo to Chile, where Salitre exercises take place

The Brazilian Air Force’s first KC-30 performed its official maiden mission on October 8 on a flight to Cerro Moreno Air Base in Antofagasta, northern Chile.

The Chilean Air Force organizes the joint Salitre IV exercises, which include delegations from Brazil and Argentina.

At the time, the aircraft’s mission was to transport 59 military personnel and 18 tons of cargo. The second-hand Airbus A330-200 acquired by Brazil has not yet been transformed to the MRTT (Multirole Tanker Transport) standard, which will allow it to perform tasks such as in-flight refueling.

Brazilian Air Force KC-30 (FAB)

As a result, the six Northrop F-5M Tiger II fighter jets participating in Salitre were accompanied by a KC-390 Millennium, Embraer’s multi-mission jet. The seven planes left the Canoas Air Base, in southern Brazil, heading for Chile. According to the FAB, the KC-390 transferred 14 tons of fuel to the F-5M fighters.

The KC-30, registration FAB 2901, has performed other recent flights, with passages through the United States, Spain and Portugal, but which were not considered operational missions. Shortly after visiting Chile, the A330 flew to Germany on an undisclosed mission.

According to the FAB, the second KC-30 (FAB 2902) should be incorporated in October. The aircraft has already received the standard livery and headed to the US.

KC-390 multi-role jet refuels F-5M fighter jets in flight (FAB)


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