Brazilian Air Force auctions 20 decommissioned aircraft

Planes such as the C-130 Hercules, AMX, P-3 Orion, AT-26 Xavante, C-97 Brasília and T-25 Universal are offered as scrap at auction

The Brazilian Air Force (FAB) holds an auction of decommissioned aircraft and aeronautical components. Most items are offered as scrap and cannot be salvaged. The contest is open to legal entities only.

There are 20 aircraft for sale or what’s left of them. The A-1 attack aircraft (AMX), manufactured by Embraer and the Italian companies Aeritalia and Aermacchi (now Leonardo) is the most numerous, with 13 jets available.

The list also includes two C-130 Hercules, two P-3 Orion, an AT-26 Xavante, a C-97 Brasília and a T-25 Universal. Starting auction bids range from about $115 to just under $6,000. The aircraft are stored at bases in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Manaus and Salvador.

In some cases, such as the Hercules and P-3 offerings, buyers need “Third Party Transfer/End User” authorization from the US government to complete the purchase, as these are military aircraft manufactured by companies in the country and which must be destroyed.

In relation to Xavante, Brasília and Universal, manufactured by Embraer, the purchaser must fill in the declaration of final destination of the aircrafts. This same requirement applies to the AMXs, which must also be dismantled.

The other materials for sale are irrecoverable components that can be used for recycling, in addition to some items that can still be used after undergoing revisions, such as parts for the Bandeirante and Brasília turboprops and the H-50 helicopter.


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