Boeing 737 MAX 8

Boeing urges 737 MAX inspections due to possible loose bolt

The directive was launched after a 737 MAX operator had discover a bolt with a missing nut in the tail of the aircraft

Boeing has issued a directive calling for urgent inspections of certain Boeing 737 MAX planes following concerns over a potential issue with a specific bolt, according to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The directive highlights the need for thorough inspections of a component known as the “elevator power control unit attach bolt.” This particular bolt is situated in the tail section of the aircraft and plays a critical role in the operation of the elevator, an essential flight control surface.

According to Reuters, the recommendation applies to approximately 90 Boeing 737 MAX planes that are part of the global fleet.

Boeing’s directive advises operators to conduct inspections of the bolt and ensure it is properly secured within a specified torque range.

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The inspections are intended to mitigate any potential safety risks associated with the bolt’s integrity.

The recent directive follows ongoing efforts by Boeing to address various issues and maintain the safety and reliability of its aircraft, especially in light of the previous grounding of the Boeing 737 MAX fleet due to unrelated safety concerns.

Boeing advised the operators to inspect their 737 MAX within two weeks, however, there is no impeding to fly with the aircraft.

The new issue didn´t interrupted the production and delivery of the 737 MAX.