Boeing unveils its new ecoDemonstrator

777-200ER aircraft will be used to evaluate 30 technologies to reduce fuel usage, emissions and noise

Boeing unveiled its new ecoDemonstrator, an aircraft used to evaluate green technologies. The jet chosen to carry out 30 experiments is a 777-200ER from the manufacturer, which recently received a special paint job.

The ecoDemonstrador program was launched in 2012 and has already featured several aircraft such as the 737, 757, 777F, 787, an Embraer E170, and the 777-200 itself.

The six-month test season in 2022 will see several in-flight tests such as evaluating the effectiveness of SMART vortex generators, which improve aerodynamic efficiency during take-off and landing, an onboard water conservation system, a refrigerant and a new fire suppression agent to reduce the emission of harmful gases and the use of various blends of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

The 777-200ER ecoDemonstrator will also test a new heads-up enhanced vision system to improve operational efficiency and will have aircraft and engine parts replaced with recyclable components.

Boeing EcoDemonstrator 2022 (Boeing)

“The Boeing ecoDemonstrator program brings together the two most important ingredients to a more sustainable future – innovative technologies and partnerships with customers, suppliers, government agencies and academia,” said Chris Raymond, Boeing Chief Sustainability Officer. “We celebrate the past successes and look forward to continuing this iconic program to help decarbonize aviation, together.”

According to Boeing, a third of the approximately 230 technologies tested since the program’s inception have turned into the company’s products and services.


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