LATAM Airlines Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner CC-BGG

Boeing sent request to airlines to check 787 pilots’ seats – report

According to The Wall Street Journal, a LATAM Airlines flight attendant pressed a button that moved the pilot’s seat and pushed the control stick forward, causing a sudden dive.

Boeing has asked operators of the 787 Dreamliner to check the aircraft’s cockpit seats following the incident with a LATAM Airlines jet on January 11.

The 787-8 registration CC-BGG went through a sudden dive in flight, injuring passengers and crew. Days ago, The Air Current revealed through sources that the main suspicion was focused on an involuntary moment in the pilot’s seat.

The Wall Street Journal brought new details of the episode on Friday. According to the outlet, a flight attendant was in the cabin to serve a meal and pressed a button that moved the seat forward.

The movement hit the aircraft’s control stick, which pointed downwards, starting a steep descent, soon controlled by the crew.

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Boeing 787 cockpit (Alex Beltyukov)

According to reports from the WSJ, preliminary evidence from the investigation indicates that the motorized feature is normally covered and is not used when the pilot is in the seat.

The incident occurred during the route between Sydney and Auckland, the first leg of flight LA800, with its final destination in Santiago de Chile.

The CC-BGG jet had its voice and data recorders withheld by the New Zealand Aviation Authority. The LATAM 787-8 returned to Chile on Thursday.


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