Boeing says all 737 MAX have returned to flight in China

Commercial aircraft were grounded for a long time after accidents and only resumed service a year ago

The CEO of Boeing China, Liu Qing, stated on the company’s social media that the entire fleet of 737 MAX jets returned to flying in the country.

“All China civil aviation 737 MAXs have resumed operations,” Qing said. The milestone comes almost a year after the first jet returned to flying revenue flights, in January with China Southern Airlines.

There are currently almost 100 aircraft of this type registered in China. The CAAC, the Chinese civil aviation authority, had banned the 737 MAX from flying in the country in 2019, after two fatal accidents.

Pending deliveries, however, remain suspended, but the Chinese government has already signaled that it will allow new shipments to the country’s airlines.

Air China Boeing 737 MAX 8 (Alan Wilson)

Recently, aircraft destined for and Chinese customers carried out test flights in the United States, a possible indication that they are about to be delivered.

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Last week, Boeing once again delivered a 787 Dreamliner to a Chinese carrier. Juneyao Air took delivery of its seventh 787-9 on December 21, after a four-year hiatus.


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