Boeing launches pre-designed internal layouts for BBJ 737-7

Configuration option will speed up deliveries and reduce costs of the executive version, said company

Boeing launched at NBAA-BACE an option to customize the cabin interior of its BBJ 737-7 business jet with a pre-designed layout.

The resource, says the company, promises to reduce costs and speed up the delivery of VIP jets. Named BBJ Select, the package offers a wide range of layouts and configurations.

Among the available options are rooms for guests, private offices for family rooms in addition to various seating configurations.

According to Boeing, BBJ Select offers 144 unique cabin modules in three different color palettes.

“Boeing Business Jets is offering customers a new, streamlined approach to designing a unique, comfortable and functional interior for our BBJ 737-7 jet,” said BBJ President Joe Benson. “For customers who may not have the time or desire to create a fully bespoke interior, BBJ Select offers pre-designed options to outfit their cabin, which allows us to offer the jet at a very attractive, fixed price.”

The development of configurations and layouts was done in collaboration with the companies Aloft AeroArchitects and Greenpoint Technologies, specialized in converting aircraft to the VIP standard.

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Normally, the transformation work into an executive aircraft is carried out after the aircraft is still ‘green’ delivered, that is, without internal finishing.

For now, BBJ Select is only available for the BBJ 737-7 model, recently added to the executive line. It is worth remembering that the aircraft has not yet obtained type certification, which is expected in the coming months. The business version will be able to fly nonstop for more than 15 hours, Boeing said.


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