Boeing expects to certify the 737 MAX 10 in the first half of 2023

Planemaker tries to get FAA approval before new rules requiring aircraft modifications take effect

Boeing admitted that the certification of the 737 MAX 10 will only take place in the first half of 2023, therefore, after the entry into force of new rules that require modifications to the aircraft.

According to John Dyson, product marketing specialist at planemaker, “the MAX 7, that’d be the first one to come in. The MAX 10 will be right behind that.”

Dyson later revealed to Reuters that the 737 MAX 7 is expected to be certified by the end of the year while the MAX 10, the largest 737 ever built, is not expected to be approved by the FAA until next year.

The US Congressional bill that institutes a new crew warning system is due to take effect in December, hence Boeing’s concern that its new commercial jets will not be required to comply with these requirements.

Southwest 737 MAX 7 (Boeing)

In July, Dave Calhoun, CEO of Boeing, even considered canceling the 737 MAX 10 program if the FAA and Congress do not extend the deadline. The fear is that it will take several months to adapt the aircraft to the new rules, further delaying deliveries.

Two of the 737 MAX’s main customers, Ryanair and Southwest, had already expressed disbelief in receiving the MAX 10 and MAX 7 in 2022.

Boeing currently has more than 650 orders for the 737 MAX 10, which can carry up to 230 passengers and is a response to the Airbus A321neo.


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