Boeing debut 737 MAX 9 and reveals MAX 10X

New members of 737 family are the longest ever launched by Boeing
Boeing 737 MAX 9

The 737 family has two more members this week. Boeing debuted on Tuesday (06) the 737 MAX 9, second member of the new series and the largest of them, with capacity for 220 passengers.

Before that, however, the manufacturer unveiled the first image of the 737 MAX 10X, still larger version, 143.7 feet long (43.8 meters).

While the 737 MAX 9 will enter service in 2018 the 10 version is still unknown: Boeing started to offer it in December, but there is no information about potential customers.

The 737 MAX family already accumulates 3,600 orders from 83 customers, but loses to the rival A320neo and its variants that already have more than 5,000 units sold.

Boeing 737 MAX 10

For this reason, the 737 version 10 may be a solution for Boeing to make up for lost time for Airbus. With a capacity slightly lower than the A321neo (230 seats), the largest planned 737 should be more economical and fly for a longer distance.

The 737 MAX 9 itself is already an immense advance for a much smaller jet born in 1968. The first 737-100 was only 94 feet long and carried a maximum of 118 passengers.

The next member of the 737 family to be introduced will be the smaller 737 MAX 7 and finally the MAX 200 if they do not appear interested in the giant 737 MAX 10.


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