Boeing and Airbus aim to hire 23,000 new employees in 2023

Faced with hundreds of orders, planemakers need to speed up production, but also replace jobs closed during the Covid-19 pandemic

Boeing and Airbus last week announced targets to hiring thousands of new employees in 2023. While the US planemaker aims to add 10,000 more staff members, its European rival goes further, aiming to fill 13,000 new jobs.

The optimism involves not only strengthening its staff in view of the need to produce more aircraft, but also investing in new technologies in the midst of a process of eliminating carbon emissions.

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In addition, there is a need to recover the workforce lost during the layoffs that occurred during the Covid-19 pandemic and we have a favorable situation for aerospace professionals worldwide.

15,000 new employees in 2022

Boeing spent 2022 looking for new talent to hire, something that generated protests from technology companies in Brazil, whose employees would have been harassed by the US manufacturer with proposals they could not refuse.

Airbus assembly line (Airbus)

The movement even generated requests for the Brazilian government to prevent the brain drain from the country, which would harm the most advanced programs in the defense area.

In fact, Boeing made massive hiring last year, which filled about 15,000 jobs, discounting retirements for the period. In all, 23,000 new employees were hired.

7,000 new positions

Airbus, which hired 13,000 people last year, aims to fill 7,000 new positions created in its 2023 target.

One third of the total recruitment will be for young graduates who will be prepared for leadership roles. Already a quarter of the new workforce will be directed to the areas of decarbonization, digital transformation, software engineering and cyber technology.

“We call on talented individuals from all over the world to join us in our journey to make sustainable aerospace a reality and to help us build a better, more diverse, and inclusive workplace for all our employees,” said Thierry Baril, the Airbus Chief Human Resources & Workplace Officer.