Boeing 777-9

Boeing 777X is not expected to enter service until 2025

Airframer to confirm further delay in aircraft development to focus on 787 and 737 MAX 10 programs, according to reports

Boeing is about to announce another delay in the 777X program, the largest twin-engine widebody in history. Scheduled to enter service in 2024, the 777-9 variant is not expected to start revunue flights until 2025, according to Air Current, later confirmed by Reuters, citing sources.

The first deliveries, aimed at carriers Lufthansa and Emirates, are only expected to take place in early 2025, almost four years after the initial forecast.

If confirmed, the new delay will be a huge blow to airframer. The development of the 777X, a variant with greater passenger and cargo capacity as well as a higher range, is already undergoing huge delays due to engine problems, among other difficulties.

This time, however, Boeing would have chosen to focus on two other struggling programs, the 787 Dreamliner and the 737 MAX 10. The widebody is one of the company’s biggest successes but failures in its production line made the FAA suspend certifications of about 100 aircraft ready.

Boeing 737 MAX 10 (Dan Nevill/CC)

Recently, sources in the company would have pointed out that deliveries should be resumed from July, after individual certification carried out by the FAA itself.

The 737 MAX 10, for its part, is in a race against the clock in an attempt to prevent the entry into force of new certification requirements by the FAA and which were passed by the US Congress.

Aimed at increasing cockpit warnings, the new safety standards could force Boeing to redesign the aircraft. The new law will come into force in December 2022, but there is a possibility that Congress will extend the deadline to avoid losses for the manufacturer.

As for the 777X, Boeing will have to deal with more frustrations among its customers, who are now more numerous because of the 777-8F cargo variant, which will hit the market in 2027.

Ethiopian signed a MoU for 5 777-8F (Boeing)


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