Avianca Argentina is facing difficulties, as well as the Brazilian subsidiary

Airline was established in 2017 but currently only flies to two destinations. Union reports late payment of wages

The critical situation is not exclusive to Avianca Brasil among the companies controlled by the Synergy group. Avianca Argentina also faces serious difficulties and risks closing soon, according to the Argentine press. In February, the company filed for bankruptcy protection, but the matter would not have been reviewed by the country’s courts.

The airline’s aeronautical union (Asociación Argentina de Aeronavegantes) confirmed this week that the airline delayed salaries – February was paid only on March 21.

Of the five routes created in January this year, only two are operating, a situation that puts us on the alert due to the danger that this entails in preserving the jobs of Argentine crews,” the union said.

Avianca Argentina CEO Carlos Colunga acknowledged the delicate moment: “We have 80 pilots for two planes and the situation becomes unsustainable. We planned to have four airplanes and that is why we had hired and trained pilots, but the dollar doubled its value. fuel became more expensive, which made it impossible to bring the two planes we planned, “said the executive.

Currently, Avianca argentina only flies from Buenos Aires to Mar del Plata and Santa Fe with the two ATR 72 received shortly after its creation in 2017.

Avião da Macair Jet: Avianca comprou a companhia aérea do presidente Mauricio Macri em 2017

Former company of Argentine President Mauricio Macri

Before the crisis at Avianca Brasil, the Argentine airline had much more ambitious plans that included a flight between Buenos Aires and Sao Paulo, taking advantage of the Brazilian airline network.

Even an Airbus A320 was passed on by Brazilian Avianca, registration PR-ONY, but it flew briefly until it was grounded. The route to Guarulhos Airport, which would debut on February 5, was suspended.

In the complex structure set up by the Synergy group, Avianca Argentina was created after the acquisition of the company Macair Jet, which belonged to the president of Argentina, Mauricio Macri. The company is officially called Avian Líneas Aéreas and uses the commercial name of “Avianca Argentina” as well as livery common to the other airlines of the group.

The only Airbus A320 that Avianca Argentina operated for a brief time (AA2000)


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