Australia sends cardboard drones to Ukraine

“Corvo” drone was created by SYPAQ Systems and has a cardboard structure and autonomy of 120 km

The frequent use of drones by Ukraine armed forces in the war effort against Russia will soon gain new contours. The company SYPAQ Systems, from Australia, announced at the beginning of March that it will send the Corvo Precision Payload Delivery System (PPDS) to the country in Eastern Europe, which has an unusual cardboard structure.

Sending paper drones to Ukraine is part of the military aid package announced by the Australian Ministry of Defense in July 2022. The equipment was developed by SYPAQ in partnership with the Australian Army and cost just US$ 1.1 million. Canberra did not say the specifications or the number of systems that will be sent to Kiev.

According to the Australian company, Corvo is a low-cost fixed-wing disposable drone with a flight range of 120 km. In Australia, the device serves in the Army in the role of delivering supplies and light equipment in remote areas. The equipment is shipped to the soldiers packaged and can be easily assembled with simple tools, according to the manufacturer.

Corvo Precision Payload Delivery System (PPDS) drones (SYPAQ)

“OPPDS is an Australian capability that will help the Ukrainian people defend their country, and is proof of the world-leading autonomous systems capabilities in Australian industry,” said Amanda Holt, CEO of SYPAQ.

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This capability is the result of an innovation journey with Army and the Defense Innovation Hub, and demonstrates the importance of collaboration between Defense and industry on capability development”.

The ‘Corvo’ can still fly without the need for an operator. Although it uses GPS guidance, the drone’s control software is also able to guide it in the absence of the satellite system. This means that the equipment can perform missions even under conditions of complete electronic interference.


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