Assembly of new Air Force One suffer setbacks – report

A pair of 747-8 jets are being prepared at Boeing’s San Antonio facility with a target of delivery by the end of 2024

Another Boeing project would be experiencing issues on the assembly line. According to The Wall Street Journal, the new Air Force One, US presidential aircraft, would have suffered setbacks at the manufacturer’s facilities in San Antonio, Texas.

One of the Boeing 747-8s acquired by the US Air Force was reportedly damaged when it was lifted by hydraulic jacks, WSJ sources said.

The same person reported that an internal investigation would have found that one employee was not properly credentialed while another had a positive result in a narcotics test.

The new incident comes months after empty tequila bottles were found inside one of the 747s, despite the fact that alcohol consumption is prohibited at Boeing facilities.

Boeing’s facility in San Antonio (Port San Antonio)

Senior USAF military personnel said on condition of anonymity that the development of the new Air Force One is expected to delay about two years, which would bring delivery to the end of 2026 – currently the schedule calls for completion in December 2024.

The contract to acquire the new generation Air Force One (VC-25B) was signed by former President Donald Trump in 2018. The two 747-8s will undergo an extensive modification process for $3.9 billion, but not will have aerial refueling capabilities, like the planes currently in use.


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