Argentina will replace presidential plane “Tango 01” with second Boeing 757

Aircraft should cost $ 25 million, which will be paid with a loan from a development bank and the transfer of the current 757

Argentine President Alberto Fernandez has approved the acquisition of a new presidential plane, La Nacion reported on Thursday.

A project decree will be published on Friday and includes the provision of necessary resources to buy the aircraft, which would be a Boeing 757-200 similar to “Tango 01”, a presidential plane ordered new in 1992 and which is out of service.

The “new jet”, although second-hand since the model is no longer manufactured, would be in better condition, with a useful life of about 30 years. La Nacion did not provide details about the identification of the chosen plane or the company that will supply it.

To cover the amount of $ 25 million, the Argentine government will disburse $ 10 million from its cash, finance $ 12 million with Corporación Andina de Fomento (CAF) and give “Tango 01” as part of the payment in the amount of $ 3 millions.

Cabin of Argentina’s presidential Boeing 757 (Argentine government)

Tango 01 renovation

The option for another Boeing 757 was taken due to its capacity to operate in any airport in the country or in the world, justified members of the government.

Fernandéz, however, had decided two years ago to renovate the “Tango 01” to put it in flight condition, a project that was budgeted at around US$ 12 million and that would be carried out by FADEA, an Argentine aircraft manufacturer.

Since 2015, the presidential 757 has been parked at El Palomar Air Base in Buenos Aires, but receiving minimal maintenance. The aircraft would only have 14,000 flight hours, but would require extensive refurbishment in addition to a communication technology update.

Without a VIP aircraft, most recent Argentine presidents have chartered aircraft from Aerolíneas Argentinas, an airline controlled by the government itself.

Former President Cristina Kichner disembarks from the presidential Boeing 757 (Argentina Government)


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