Antonov admits not knowing the status of the An-225 after Russian invasion

Ukrainian manufacturer, however, shared Antonov Airlines chief pilot’s report that the six-engine freighter jet was intact on February 24

Antonov Company, manufacturer of the An-225, the world’s largest plane, spoke out on its social media on Friday about the six-engine cargo jet, which was rumored to have been destroyed after the invasion of military forces from Russia.

According to the Ukrainian company, “We don’t have accurate information about AN225 Mriya,” noting that fighting continued in Gostomel, its headquarters and where the plane has been since the beginning of February.

Antonov, however, shared information from Dmitry Antonov, chief pilot of Antonov Airlines, who on his Twitter profile had revealed on the 24th that the airport had been taken over by the Russian military but that the An-225 was preserved.

Right at the beginning of Russia’s attacks on Ukraine, mixed information emerged about the whereabouts of the aircraft, which is used on commercial flights of special cargo after the end of the Soviet Union.

Originally, the An-225, a derivative of the An-124 Ruslan, was developed to transport the Buran, the Soviet space shuttle, which only performed once into orbit.

The An-225 flew for the first time in 1988 on a mission to transport the Buran, Russian Space Shuttle


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