Alice electric plane performs high-speed taxi

Eviation aircraft is close to taking off for the first time, says the company

The 100% electric plane Alice is about to make its maiden flight. The aircraft developed by startup Eviation performed a high-speed taxi test on Monday, the last step before takeoff.

The company released a video of the test in which the aircraft rotates before ‘aborting’ the possible takeoff. The Alice flight tests are being carried out at Grant County International Airport, in Moses Lake, where other manufacturers such as Boeing also make use of its huge runways, one of which is 4,000 meters.

Originally, the Alice would fly from its new headquarters in Seattle, in northern Washington, but after completing ground tests, the company decided to relocate the aircraft to the Moses Lake center.


Although the electric plane schedule is delayed, the Eviation project is one of the most promising in the sustainable aviation segment.

With two electric motors installed in the tail and capacity for up to nine passengers, Alice promises a range of 815 km (440 nautical miles) and a cruising speed of 463 km/h (250 knots) – payload reaches 1,134 kg ( 2,500 kg).

A freighter version, Alice eCargo, is also part of the portfolio and was ordered by DHL and Deutsche Post, from Germany.

Alice’s first customer will be Cape Air, a regional airline that has signed a letter of intent for 75 electric aircraft.


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