Airbus will have a difficult but not impossible delivery target in the 4th quarter

Planemaker managed to send 55 commercial jets to customers in September, the same volume as in 2022. There are 232 planes left to reach the target of 720 units

Airbus was unable to surpass the total number of commercial aircraft delivered in September compared to the same month in 2022. There were 55 jets sent to customers, totaling 488 units during the nine months of 2023.

Because of this, the planemaker will need to deliver another 232 jets in the 4th quarter to reach the target of 720 aircraft. This is a significant number of planes, but not much different from that reached in the last quarter of 2022.

Last year, Airbus managed to deliver 224 commercial aircraft, reaching the end of 2022 with 661 deliveries, 39 less than the target.

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This year, the European company had a slow start to deliveries, with only 127 aircraft dispatched, compared to 142 in 2022 in the first three months of the year. There was a recovery in the 2nd quarter, with 189 deliveries (+34) while the 3rd quarter saw an increase of 32 aircraft (172 against 140).

A321neo on the rise

The model that is making a difference in Airbus’ results in 2023 is the A321neo. The largest variant of the narrow-body family, the aircraft had 221 units delivered until September, an increase of 31%.

Meanwhile, the A320neo, until recently Airbus’ most popular commercial jet, has stagnated, with 163 deliveries, two fewer than in 2022.

Deliveries 2023 2022
January 20 30
February 46 49
March 61 63
April 54 48
May 63 47
June 72 60
July 65 46
August 52 39
September 55 55
Total 488 437

Source: Airbus

The A220 also had a slight increase, going from 34 to 41 deliveries, all of the A220-300 version.

Among widebodies, deliveries fell. Airbus managed to deliver 18 A330-900neo, more than in 2022, however, it did not send any A330-800neo, in addition to only delivering two A330-220.

LATAM first A321neo (Airbus)

The A350, which recently collected new orders, had 36 aircraft delivered, six fewer than in the first nine months of 2022.

In terms of orders, Airbus also had a weak month, with 23 aircraft sold, 13 A321neo to LATAM and ten A350-900 to Turkish Airlines.

In the year, the net total of orders reached 1,241 aircraft, the absolute majority of agreements closed at the Paris Air Show.


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