Airbus engineer plans to turn an A380 into a hotel

Frédéric Deleuze launched the ‘Envergure’ project, which aims to convert the world’s largest passenger jet to offer 31 rooms and a restaurant in a location close to Toulouse Airport

Nearly two months ago, the last series-production A380 was delivered to Emirates Airline, marking the end of the largest commercial airliner program in history.

Although the Airbus aircraft will remain in service for many years, some examples have already been dismantled for lack of interested parties. But one of the 251 A380s built could become a unique enterprise, a hotel.

Frédéric Deleuze, an Airbus engineer for 15 years, decided to launch the Envergure project after learning that many of the model’s jets would be destined for scrapping. And the way the Frenchman found to preserve an A380 is to transform it into a hotel with 31 rooms, two of which are suites.

A380 hotel rendering (Envergure)

The hotel’s address is already known, an area north of Toulouse-Blagnac Airport, close to the Airbus headquarters. The project includes an annex building where the reception will be located, as well as a restaurant with 60 seats.

Deleuze sees the project as an idea to reuse its structure in a process known as “upcycling”. The Frenchman’s team already has the support of Groupe Duval, in the hospitality sector, and is now dedicated to finding an A380 that meets the conditions to serve as a future hotel.

Among the 31 rooms, there are units for two people measuring 16 m² and family units measuring 23 m². The two suites, measuring 35 m², will be located at the front and rear of the fuselage and will be duplex, taking advantage of the aircraft’s original stairs.

Undoubtedly, a more dignified end for an aircraft that still delights people wherever it goes.


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