Airbus A380 is once again considered to resume flights

Airlines such as British Airways and Singapore move to put aircraft back into service

Dismissed by many customers, the A380 is once again being considered by some airlines. Although these are not clear statements, at least British Airways and Singapore Airlines are moving to have the largest passenger plane in history.

The UK airline recently renewed a maintenance contract with Lufthansa Technik to maintain its fleet of 12 Airbus A380s.

Currently, the carrier’s aircraft are spread over some airports while the demand for long-haul flights does not justify their use.

A source from Simple Flying, meanwhile, revealed that Singapore Airlines may return to flying the A380 in September. Some of the company’s aircraft are being maintained in Australia, but carrying out periodic maintenance inspections to allow them to return to commercial flight.

Not everyone is reviewing their plans, however. Lufthansa has again ratified it should not fly the double-deck aircraft again.

Carsten Spohr, CEO of the airline, said during the second quarter earnings presentation that “the A380 will obviously not come back. The A340 will only be brought back for two years to make sure we have enough capacity in Munich including the premium cabins until it is replaced by A350s.”

A380 – Singapore


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