Airbus A321XLR begins transatlantic test flight

Airbus’ ultra-long-range aircraft took off from Dublin to Miami on Tuesday as part of a 10-day series of flights

The Airbus A321XLR registration F-WWAB took off on Tuesday, September 19 from Dublin, Ireland, towards Miami, on its first transatlantic crossing.

The flight, lasting around 8:30 am, is part of the 10-day series of tests that the planemaker began on September 13th as part of the aircraft’s certification program.

The F-WWAB is the third prototype of the A321XLR and the only one equipped with CFM Leap-1 engines, in addition to having an internal passenger cabin.

The aircraft had already accumulated eight test flights since the beginning of the program, but the first seven started and arrived in Toulouse, at Airbus headquarters.

Only on Monday did the A321XLR complete a flight to another destination, in this case, the capital of Ireland.

The A321XLR flight from Dublin to Miami (FR24)

The flights so far have been quite long, one of the characteristics of the new jet, which promises a range of 4,700 nautical miles (8,700 km), the largest ever established for a twin-engine single-aisle aircraft.

On September 13 and 14, the F-WWAB jet was in the air for more than 10 hours circling the European continent.

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The longest flight so far took more than 11 hours and was destined for the Arctic Circle, where the A321XLR turned around and returned to the starting point.

The long flight ‘marathon’ should continue until September 22nd. Airbus plans to put the A321XLR into service in the second quarter of 2024.


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