Air Serbia cancels agreement with Marathon after Embraer jet incident

Serbian carrier was flying with four E195 jets on wet-lease, but the aircraft’s unsafe takeoff on Sunday in Belgrade led to the end of cooperation with the Greek company

Air Serbia decided not to wait for the investigation into the unsafe takeoff carried out by Marathon Airlines pilots in an Embraer E195 on Sunday, in Belgrade.

Flight JU 324 bound for Dusseldorf would have taken off from the wrong runway position and hit an ILS mast. Despite the damage, the aircraft managed to land safely 40 minutes later.

A security camera video shows the moment the E195 hits the instrument landing aid structure.

In 2023, Air Serbia had closed a cooperation agreement with Marathon Airlines, from Greece, which provided four Embraer jets in wet-leasing, when the crew and services are included in the package.

Damages on te fuselage and the wing root (Social media)

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The incident is being investigated by Serbian authorities, but Air Serbia has confirmed that the E195s will be removed from the airline network on Wednesday and replaced with their own aircraft.

“Regardless of the results of the aforementioned investigation, Air Serbia informed Marathon Airlines today that it is terminating cooperation with that company and, as of tomorrow, 21 February 2024, no Air Serbia flight will be operated by the said Greek company’s aircraft,” it said a company statement.


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