Air China A320neo GTF engine catches fire as plane evacuated in Singapore

Aircraft was flying CA 403 on Sunday, coming from Chengdu, when the crew activated the emergency code before landing. Smoke filled the main cabin.

An Air China Airbus A320neo made an emergency landing at Singapore’s Changi Airport on the afternoon of Sunday, September 10 after a failure in the left engine.

According to reports, the crew squawked the code 7700 into the transponder, indicating an emergency. Passenger footage shows the cabin filled with smoke.

The plane was evacuated on the airport runway as the central core of the PW1100G engine caught fire. A video showed the moment passengers leave the A320neo as fire trucks approach.

The main cabin with smoke (social media)

According to local media, there were 146 passengers on board and nine crew members. Some passengers reportedly suffered only minor injuries.

The A320neo with registration B-305J was delivered by Airbus in December 2018 through leasing with the company Bocomm Leasing. The single-aisle jet was assembled at the Airbus facility in Tianjin, China.

The PW1100G engine, also known as GTF, is a new turbofan from Pratt & Whitney that uses geared rotor technology, capable of delivering more efficient performance.

However, the engine has presented several reliability problems, forcing Pratt & Whitney to implement modifications and updates in the turbofans, which are also used by the Airbus A220 and the E2 family, from Embraer.

Air China A320neo (Airbus)


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