After talks about the C-390, Greece discusses proposal for the C-130J Hercules

According to CNN, a group made up of executives from Lockheed Martin, the US Air Force and the US Department of Defense was in Athens recently. Country seeks to replace its old Hercules, most of which are out of service

The Greek Defense Ministry met with representatives from the United States government and Lockheed Martin to discuss a proposal for C-130J Hercules turboprops, local CNN reported.

The meeting takes place days after the Greek government spoke with Embraer to evaluate the capabilities of the C-390 Millennium, a rival tactical transport jet to the C-130J.

But unlike the Brazilian delegation, the US group included members of the Air Force and the Department of Defense.

Hellenic Air Force C-130 (John Taggart)

As we know, the sale of weapons to foreign countries is done through Foreing Military Sales (FMS), a program that requires the approval of the US Congress.

According to CNN, the proposal would include six new aircraft, which would replace the Hellenic Air Force’s old C-130s, now out of service.

Any C-390 can be used as a tanker

Greece’s urgency in having a transport aircraft is quite great as currently only one C-130H and three C-27s would be available – the Italian turboprop has a lower payload capacity than the C-130J and C-390.

Members of the Greek Defense Ministry had met with Embraer on November 22, according to local media, which reported that the military had a “very good impression” of the Brazilian jet.

Brazilian Air Force KC-390 and F-5 fighters (FAB)

The C-390 Millennium is a project developed in recent years at the request of the Brazilian Air Force. Among its attributes are the higher speed than the Hercules and the load capacity, of 26 tons compared to 21 tons of the C-130J-30.

Another relevant aspect, according to Embraer, is that the aerial refueling capability is incorporated into all aircraft, whether the KC-390 or C-390. All you need to do is install the probe and drogue pods on the wings, as the plane is equipped with the systems to operate them.

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The KC-130, on the contrary, is a specific version of the Hercules, and must be ordered separately.

The US government, however, agreed to send two C-130s in storage to supply Greece until the new aircraft are ready. There is no clear deadline for a possible decision.


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